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For Authors

Please, send your carefully prepared manuscript vie email to >>



Starting with November 2015, the amount of EUR 250,- must be paid for each accepted manuscript prior to publication.



  • Latest version of instructions downloaded and read?
  • Manuscript prepared preferably using the MS Word template?
  • Manuscript spellchecked and (external) language corrections done?
  • One single manuscript file in MS Word format submitted? Figures, schemes, and tables inserted in high resolution into the main text and no landscape format used?
  • Corresponding author designated and e-mail address(es) given?
  • Full names (first, middle and last names) and affiliation of all authors given?
  • Correct style for references? Citations placed in brackets, e.g. [1, 3, 69]
  • Criteria for Immediate Rejection read and understood?
  • Cover letter with all relevant information for editor:
    o Relevant submitted or in press manuscripts
    o Ethical statements (competing interests, informed consent, human & animal rights)
    o Complete contact information for independent referees given?


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It should be noted that Sci Pharm does not recommend a specific organization nor does have any financial relation to one of them.

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